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The Laboratory for FuturoDdesign project is aimed at exploring possibilities of new technologies, namely the Internet of Things for developing social innovations in diverse areas: healthcare and wellness, transportation, education, retail and shopping, housing.
This is a four-day workshop during which several teams directed by experts with various backgrounds will work on new product concepts able to solve different problems the modern society meets.
The idea is to bring together specialists from several dimensions: Human – Technology – Business to help professionals working in the area of new product development evolve in their professional and personal growth through focusing on social innovations creation.
The goal of the project is creating new product concepts representing social innovations based on the idea of the Internet of Things. The subsequent development of solid business models is also regarded as a part of the initiative though at this stage this is not a priority.
The target audience of the project:
• Mature product/industrial designers;
• Developers of new products;
• Start-ups and innovative businesses;
• Industry representatives;
• Representatives of higher educational organizations in Russia, the CIS, the Baltic States who are interested in new models of design/business education.
The key experts of the project (under discussion):
• Rob van Kranenburg, IoT expert;
• Representative of School of Design, Northumbria University;
• Dr Alexey Nikolayev, head of higher education in Russia, Intel;
• Dr Pavel Luksha, head of executive education, Skolkovo;
• Dr Ekaterina Khramkova, head of design and innovation department, Moscow Finance-and-Industry Academy, founder at Lumiknows.
25 – 29 April, 2011
25 April
Open presentations.
Topics: Ambient Intelligence, The Internet of Things, Design of the Future, Social Innovations
Presenters: Rob van Kranenburg, Dr Pavel Luksha, Dr Ekaterina Khramkova
25 - 29 April
Project work.
20 April
Presentation of the project results.

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