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The folk-rock group Pesnyary was founded inBelarussia in1969. Their repetoire isbased onthe Belarussian folklore music. The musicians’sappoach tofolkore isthorough, their skill toplay various misic instruments and toimprovice, the pure sound oftheir voices aswell astheir capabilities toperform songs ofvarious peoples inthe original language account for their continuous success with the public inall countries ofthe world.

After the great success ofPesnyary atthe 10th anniversary MIDEM atCannes, the group recieved aninvitation frthe tour across the United States ofAmerica. The media called this tour the Russian invasion atthe Western rock front. The Washington Post wrote: The group, which isvery original , distinctive, musical with terrific voices, will find their admirers among the American youth byall means. The audience applauded standing attheir feet.

During the last tour ofPesnyary in1991 the American public got aquainted with their new programme, which was presented atthe UNO inNew York.

Pesnyary was the first group who got The golden Disk ofthe USSR for recording 10long-playing records (the so-called giants), with anedition ofapproximately 12million copies. The composer and guitar player Vladimir Muliavin has been the founder and constant leader ofthe group for 25years.

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